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Let’s not merely say that we love each other. Let us show the truth by our actions.

Welcome to Eleos

ELEOS was birthed out of a desire, to effect tangible change, in the lives of those living in poverty. ELEOS is named after a Greek term, which means “Mercy in Action”. Eleos is a registered, non‐profit organisation which aims to deliver social services to underprivileged children and their families in Pretoria‐West. The people of this community not only struggle to obtain the bare essentials but are also burdened with enormous financial, physical, emotional and mental stresses.

For the past fifteen years ELEOS has organised many initiatives and projects running in the suburbs of Danville and Booysens in Pretoria West. In these areas, major social needs and psychological problems are related to living conditions, such as poverty, violence, family disintegration, abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and a lack of life skills. These handicaps are often passed from one generation to the next.

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  • CARING for the needy
  • Showing COMPASSION
  • Sharing our LOVE
  • Bringing HOPE to the hopeless
  • Bringing LIGHT into a world of darkness
  • BREAKING THE CHAIN of poverty
  • Making DREAMS come true
    Eleos has a holistic approach to address the needs of the community. To help individuals in their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing (body, mind & soul) and to assist and motivate to pursue God’s will. To educate children and adults to start thinking differently about their circumstances and implement change.

    Each person who can live independently, every child that passes his school year, every family where there is love and care, where there is no abuse, is a success.
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Our Mission

Helping people help themselves is about realising people’s potential, thereby giving them the skills, tools, confidence and access to markets they need, to fulfil their potential and work their way out of poverty. The aim of our work is to create sustainable development in people and their circumstances, by helping them to help themselves.

We at ELEOS are investing in these communities and believe that we can

– help these babies to develop to their full potential;
– help these children to rise above their circumstances;
– help these adults to become better role models for their children and reach their full potential;
– help these people find God’s purpose in life.
Graduate Gemologist

motto-imgBy restoring these people’s self worth, they can be uplifted and in turn, can help others and contribute to their communities.

Where We Touch Lives

Supporting the child through various life transitions

  • Eleos-Our-Model-BabyBaby
  • Eleos-Our-Model-ToddlersToddler
  • Eleos-Our-Model-ChildYoung Child
  • Eleos-Our-Model-TeensTeens
  • eleos-home-theraphyTherapy
  • Eleos-Our-Model-SkillsParents
  • eleos-home-bursaryfundBursary Fund
  • eleos-home-jobcreationJob Creation