Eleos is a registered PBO & NPO and has a level 4 B-BEE accreditation.


Reg.No. 033-184


Reg.No. 9300-19292

We will gladly supply you with an Article 18 A certificate for all cash donations. Find all the documentation in the gallery below.

 Through your generosity and donations, we have an annual  turnover of R3 million which caters for 90% of our main objectives. We keep administration costs to the bare minimum. 

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Gifts that qualify for TAX CERTIFICATE

Non-perishable foods

Consumable goods

New clothes

New capital items such as beds, sewing machines, stoves.

Donations for necesarry maintenance for example  paint, Wendy House insolation materials, geysers, etc.


Fixed Property Donations 


Second-hand gifts

Second-hand goods do not qualify for a tax certificate.

There is an exception to this rule. When a vehicle is donated, the value can be determined and a tax certificate may be issued.


Financial statements

Our yearly financial statements are audited by MVB auditors  and is available on request from our Treasurer.