Talana Smith


Talana is the current CHAIRPERSON.

" This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice in it ! " These words are  Talana's motto and as leader of Eleos, she inspires everyone around her. She is married to Retief and they have two children. She enjoys gardening, hiking and reading. She is also a well accomplished CA by trade, and appplies this precision in all that she does.

Contact Talana at 083 292 3845 or talana@eleos.co.za


Hester coetsee

Hester is the current TREASURER.

For the past 19 years, Hester has poured her heart and soul into Eleos. She is one of the founding members and has served as chairperson for the past 11 years. Her deligence and devotion is admirable! She has been married to Amie for the past 35 years and they have two happilly married children. She is fond of cooking and gardening.

 Contact Hester on 083 236 6386 or hester@eleos.co.za


ingrid de beer

Ingrid is the current SECRETARY.

Ingrid has been part of the Eleos team for the past 12 years. Her extensive knowledge regarding charity work, makes her irreplacable to the Eleos team. She is married to Chris and she describes him as her greatest treasure in life. Together, the two of them have seven children and 13 grandchildren. She loves baking and being creative in the kitchen and we love that!

Contact Ingrid at 082 330 3336 or ingrid@eleos.co.za




Tertia Morgan

 Tertia is one of the founding members of Eleos and has been actively involved for 19 years. Her passion for God's work is infectious. She is married to Jan and has 3 beautiful children.

Tertia is closely involved with the needs of our ladies in the AGAPE group and is an amazing function co-ordinator and fundraiser. Her love for people and God's work amazes us everyday! 

Tertia can be contacted on 083 676 1105 or tertia@eleos.co.za


San -Karin.jpg

Bertha van der Merwe

 Our artist Bertha, has been with Eleos for 10 years. Bertha has a compassionate, caring Jesus heart and has been involved with charity work for years.  She is married to Bennie and they have a daughter. Bertha also teaches art and shares her love for Jesus and  her talents at the AGAPE  group. Bertha is also in charge of the Annual Eleos Charity Ball and does this with awe-inspiring flair.

You can contact Bertha on 082 717 0697 or bertha@eleos.co.za

Sobet Diemont

Sobet has been with Eleos for the past seven years. In her composed way, she has been organising the fun filled Eleos Golfday for the past five years. She has a Godly passion for life, her husband, Chris and their two pretty daughters. She is a keen potter and creates beautiful unique pieces. Sobet  also administrates the successful Eleos Cookie Project.

You can contact Sobet on 082 497 4922 or sobet@eleos.co.za 

Anneri Pienaar

Being part of the Eleos team, is one of Anneri’s major passions. She is the facilitator of the GIGGLES ladies group. She has an extraordinary and loving relationship with these young mothers and their babies. She and her husband have four sons. Anneri is a passionate group leader, who invests  numerous hours by uplifting the community. She is also an outstanding function co-ordinator and fundraiser.

Contact Anneri at 083 302 1474 or anneri@eleos.co.za  

San-Karin Jacobs

San-Karin has a smile that can light up a room and she has indeed been lighting up the hallways of Eleos.  She has been married to Willem for the past 34 years and they have four lovely children. San-Karin is involved with the AGAPE women's group. Because of her love for her Lord, she is a vital fundraiser and her impecable style and charm makes her a great asset to our team.

 Contact San-Karin at 082 254 2504 or san-karin@eleos.co.za

Estelle Dippenaar

Nicknamed "Bell of the Ball" by  the committee, Estelle is one of the committee’s leading woman at the annual Eleos Ball. She has been offering her exquisite decorative skills to all of the Eleos functions over many years. She is one of the founding members of Eleos and is passionately involved with the AGAPE  group. It clearly simbolises her lively relationship with Jesus. She is married to Francois and they have two gorgeouse children. 

Contact Estelle on 082 928 4090 or estelle@eleos.co.za

Kika van Zyl

Kika is the current OPERATIONAL MANAGER.

Kika is our operational manager on a day-to-day basis in the community. She and her husband, Wouter and their two beautiful girls enjoy the outdoor life. Kika is charactarised by her lively relationship with Jesus and her compassion towards people. She is a great team player!

 Contact Kika on 072 899 4311 or kika@eleos.co.za

Clariza Botha

Clariza is the current MARKETING MANAGER.

Clariza is our highly succesful marketing manager. Her explosive creativity and innovation are her greatest virtues. She seemlessly integrates these virtues to expand the Kingdom of God on earth. Her other passions include painting, photography and mixed media arts. She is married to Gerhard and they are blessed with four awesome kids.

She also orginises the Annual Eleos Christmas Party.

Contact Clariza at 083 564 9541 or  clariza@eleos.co.za